The #1 Beginner Gym Tip for Starting in Fitness!


Here’s some of the REAL and common questions I have been asked over the last 6 months alone…

  1. Q. I dont feel my muscle fibres tearing, so am I not making progress
  2. Q. I’m going on holiday for a week, will i lose all my gains
  3. Q. I’m looking to start the gym soon, but i want to wait till i know more about fitness after a month or two of research
  4. Q: How much water should I mix with my cordial/squash so iIdon’t gain weight
  5. Q. I’ve been going the gym a few weeks and my goals is to look like ‘XYZ’ how long with this take

Some of these Questions sound more extreme than others BUT I promise you EVERY last one of them, is a REAL question I’ve been asked

AND MY ANSWER to all the above is in a nutshell…STOP OVERTHINKING every little thing and just START!

All this will do is cripple you to do NOTHING! Go train and learn along the way and you will progress. Don’t compare yourself to anyone or focus on minor things.

So leave all those unnecessary thoughts behind and consistently work towards your goal and you will improve. It may not be overnight but you’ll get closer. START TODAY!

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