Complete Fat Loss Guide + Routine


This fat loss guide will teach you how to lose body fat and build a much leaner muscular physique. You will find out how much calories you need to eat to lose weight along with receiving nutrition advice on what foods to eat for faster results along with learning how to train and perform cardio to maximise progress.

I also include a FREE Bodybuilding Training Plan & 3 additional Sixpack workout routines (beginner, intermediate and advanced). This weight loss guide will teach you how to lose body fat in a safe and sustainable way, while finding balance daily life and training in the gym (or at home).

Please note: Upon purchasing this package, you will then be forwarded to a page to download the fat loss guide.


I am happy to release my complete fat loss fitness guide; The Art of Making Gains & Losing Body Fat. This Fat Loss e-book covers the steps you need to begin losing body fat and retaining as much muscle mass as you can during your cutting phase. I also include a FREE 5 Day Training Routine for you to follow along with 3 Ab workouts.

The knowledge within this fitness guide will teach you how to lose body fat, while balancing your fitness journey and your regular daily life.

I created this fat loss guide to allow you ALL to be able to have a one-stop-shop for all the key aspects of how to cut successfully such as how to calculate your calories and macros to aid your personal fat loss journey. This ebook NOT a ‘quick fix’ guide, it is a resource to help you maximise your fitness progress as a hub of fitness knowledge you can refer back to throughout your fitness journey.

Whats included in the guide;

1. How to calculate your calories & macros

2. Choosing your calorie deficit

3. How to track your Fat Loss progress CORRECTLY

4. Dealing with Fat Loss Plataues

5. Can you have cheat days?

6. Gaining Muscle and Losing Fat Simultaneously

7. Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss

8. Cardio Protocols: HIIT vs. LISS

9. Supplements 101

10. Training 101

11. FREE 5 Day Training Routine

12. FREE Ab Muscle Building Routine (3 levels)

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