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This nutrition e-book is a 20+ page guide covering the steps for you to learn to create the best sustainable meal plan for you. You will learn how to find out how much calories you will need to eat to reach your goal and how structure your eating with many recommendations on how to maximise your results.

This nutrition guide is NOT a ‘BS quick fix’ plan, it is a resource to help you maximise your fitness progress as a hub of knowledge that you can refer back to throughout your fitness journey.

I also include an additional FREE Abs Workout routines (beginner, intermediate and advanced) for you to follow.

Please note: Upon purchasing this package, you will then be forwarded to a page to download the fitness guide.


I am happy to release my complete nutrition guide; The Art of Sustainable Eating. In this nutrition e-book the information provided throughout will have no unnecessary complex jargon. The aim of this eBook is to provide you with a simple guide for you to learn and apply the principles to achieve your personal goal, whether it being, to lose weight (mainly body fat) or gaining weight/muscle.

The knowledge within this fitness guide will allow you to learn how to get shredded, while teaching you how to balance fitness and daily life.

I created this fat loss guide to allow you ALL to be able to have a one-stop-shop for all the key aspects of how to cut successfully such as how to calculate your calories/macros and structure your own personal meal plan.

This ebook NOT a ‘quick fix’ guide, it is a resource to help you maximise your fitness progress as a hub of knowledge you can refer back to throughout your fitness journey.

Below are the key areas I cover in the guide;

1. The Best Diet Plan…For You
2. Calories & Macros 101
a. Why Do They Matter?
b. Calories For Weight Loss
c. Calories For Weight Gain
d. Calculating Your Macros
e. Do you have to Track Calories?
3. Building Your Own Meal Plan
a. Set plans
b. Flexible dieting (IIFYM)
4. Tracking Your Progress
5. Does Micronutrients Matter?
6. Beating Fat Loss Plateaus
7. Reducing Belly Fat & BUILDING Abs
8. How to Reduce Bloating?
a. The Importance of Fibre
b. How Drinking Water Aids Weight Loss
9. Progress BLOCKERS
a. How Sleep Impacts Your Progress
b. How Stress Impacts Your Progress
10. Meal Timing & Frequency
11. Intermittent Fasting 101
12. Supplements That Can Help

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