12 Week Online Coaching Program

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This 12 week program will be personalised just for you, we will be working one to one and I will be with you every step of the way to push you to achieve your fitness goal. For that I will need you to put forth a solid effort to stick to the plan created for you to follow.

*You will need to use a food scale to weigh and track your food intake as you will need to keep a daily log of the foods you consume (Use MyFitnessPal App).

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90 Day Online Coaching Package (12 weeks)

This 12 week Coaching program will enable and push you to achieve your ideal body goal. This is achieved by creating a personalised training and nutrition plan tailored just for you! You will also have weekly check ins to ensure you get the best results possible!

Training Program

The training program will be personalised to your needs and will target muscle growth, along with addressing your weaker areas. The routine will be adapted over the course of the 12 weeks to ensure you are pushing yourself to you best ability.


Training is key however your nutrition plays an even larger role. As the saying goes “you cannot out work a bad diet”. To make significant progress with your body, you will be taught how to improve your daily diet and how to make it apart of your lifestyle. Improving your diet is essential for fat loss and muscle building.


Bodybuilding supplements are not essential, but can be beneficial. You will be provided with a list of optional natural supplements, that may help you maximise your fitness goals.

What this package contains:

  • Advice/tips and guidance on how to easily track your macros or fit your meals in.
  • Motivation and someone to hold you accountable
  • Custom Training Routine
    • Including sets, reps, and rest times for each exercise.
    • Printable workouts with space to log your progress weekly
    • A cardio program (if required)
  • Nutritional Information
    • Custom calories and macro plan to follow and fill with foods you like.
    • I will create an example meal plan for you to see what sorts of foods you can eat in a day. (Please allow a week or so for us to gage what works best for you)
  • Weekly Check ins
    • To make updates and adjustments
      (every Sunday, please allow up to 48hrs for a response time)

Please keep that in mind you will need to be completely honest with me during this period in regards to following the plan provided. If you do slip up or back slide, I will need you to be 100% honest with me so we can address the problem and develop a better strategy to keep you on track :).

This coaching service is for 12 weeks but of course if you are happy with the results you can renew this when it’s over at a discounted price.
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