Personalised Training Plan


Get a custom training routine made just for you!

Whether you have an unorthodox weekly schedule, train at home or simply need a well structured training routine to help you improve your weak areas then this custom training plan is for you.

The training plan will be based on your unique needs and equipment you have available at home or in your gym. It will also be created based on your available training days, so you decide how often you would like to train and I’ll create a routine to get you on track, whether your goal is muscle gain, fat loss or simply an overall increased  in your fitness level.

Upon payment there will be a fitness questionnaire on the confirmation page for you to complete. This is so the routine can be created to suit you and help you achieve your desired fitness goals!

What will I get?

  • A recommended workout split to fit your weekly schedule
  • Structured downloadable PDF including sets, reps and rest periods for each exercise
  • The plan will be catered to fit in to your weekly schedule
  • Printable workouts with space to log your progress weekly
  • A cardio program (if required)
  • Extra health and fitness resources for you to learn and achieve your goals

The personalised routine would need to be followed for ideally at least 12 weeks. Also note this does not include a nutrition plan.


Personalised Training Routines

Opting for a custom training plan will allow you to choose the amount of days you would like to train per week along with specifying any weak areas you would like to focus on to improve. Together we can make a fitness plan to achieve your unique fitness goals.

How this plan works?

To create your personalised training routine, upon payment you will be sent to a fitness questionnaire that you must complete to ensure the routine can be created to suit you and to achieve your desired fitness goals!

What is included with a Custom Training Plan?

  • A structured downloadable PDF which includes;
    • Recommended training split to fit your weekly routine.
    • Exercise recommendations (w/ sets, reps, and rest periods)
  • Printable workouts with an area to log your progress weekly
  • A cardio program (if required)
  • Extra resources for you to learn more about health and fitness to achieve your goals

Customised Training Plan – Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive your custom training routine within 48 business hours.
Nope. If you train at home that is fine, just be sure to include in the questionnaire what equipment you have available. I advise having some form of weights or resistance bands for the best results.
The routine would need to be followed for ideally at least 12 weeks before making any critical changes.
Yes! There are no additional payments, this is a one off customised plan that is built just for you.
Having equipment available would be great but it's not the only route to see progress. In the fitness questionnaire just be sure to remember to include you have no equipment available and then based off your goals, I will create a custom routine to best suit you.
Completely. It's built based on the details you supply in the fitness questionnaire, the more detailed you make it the better.
This plan is for all genders ideally 18 years old and above, but with parental permission 16 and above is also okay.
Yes of course. As long as you're willing to put in the time to exercise, thats all that matters.
Yes, I have created plans for many overweight men and women. My training plans will typically incorporate resistance training and moderate sustainable cardio. I don't believe you should be doing hour long cardio sessions every day, as it's just not sustainable long term.

Incorporating weights too will help you improve your overall frame, help you burn more calories daily and become stronger. With that being said cardio is also important but it shouldn't be the sole focus in a weight loss journey.
Yes! I offer 8 week and 12 week coaching packages. Click here for online coaching

Some words from recent clients


Martin 8 Week Coaching Program

Dude you gave me a chance when I was rock bottom. And I believe you saved me from getting in a bad way in life. Yeah I still have good days and bad with food. But I believe I’m winning now! Thanks again for everything man. Them man boobs and belly be disappearing man! 🔥😊


Jake 12 Week Coaching Program

Thank you so much! I've been enjoying the coaching and I find it much more sustainable than the last coach I had. I've managed to increase my calories and still make progress!! I'm happy with how its going and I feel I will be able to maintain this plan myself past the 12 weeks. Thanks again 🙂


Chloe Personalised Training Plan

The programme is working wonders, I’m feeling the strongest I’ve ever been, I struggled with press ups before and I couldn’t get past 5 but I can now do the 17 that’s required. I also feel the fittest I’ve been as I can also do the other navy tests, I can easily do 32 sit ups and my cardio has improved loads I can do the 1.5 mile run in 11 minutes 30 and the pass time is 14 minutes 25 seconds. Thank you so much for helping my TJ, I really do appreciate it as you’re helping me get my dream job.


James Personalised Training Plan

Thanks a lot, the routine looks great. I can't wait to start, thanks for getting it to me so quickly. You've given me some great ideas for training at home.


Dan Personalised Training Plan

The plan has been amazing, thanks so much!!


Adheel Personalised Training Plan

Thanks for getting this to me so swiftly. The workout plan looks great, thanks for extra bits of help on what foods to eat and how to track my calories. Thanks for this TJ

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