5 Reasons You Need an Accountability Partner for Weight Loss

Chasing your health and fitness goals can feel like scaling a mountain. But with the right accountability partner, you’ve got a fitness buddy who’s there to push you onward when your motivation starts to slip.

What is an Online Accountability Partner?

An accountability partner is your go-to person to chat about your goals, whether you’re aiming to lose weight, build muscle or just build a fitter you. They keep you on track because we all know we work harder when someones watching.

5 reasons why an accountability partner is a game-changer

Stick to Your Personal Goals

Have you ever quit on your fitness program? No worries, we’ve all been there. But having someone to share your goals with highly boosts your chance of success. You’re about 65% more likely to reach your goal if you tell someone about it because we naturally don’t want to let others down, and that extra push can keep us going when we’d otherwise quit (pretty sure if you’re reading this… this may sound pretty familiar).

Gain Faster Results

Not only are you more likely to hit your goals with an accountability partner, but you’ll also get there quicker. You’d be surprised how much support elevates your progress.

Learn New Helpful Habits

If you find your feeling stuck or need to try a new approach? Although an accountability partner is not your fitness coach, they can often help shake things up. They may introduce you to new meal prep hacks, new methods of sticking to good daily habits you’ve built up and more. Sometimes a new perspective keeps things exciting and prevents burnout, keeping you engaged in your healthy lifestyle.

Build a Driven Mindset

You’ve heard the saying, “We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” Surround yourself with positive, driven people, and you’ll start to feel that energy. This can apply to people even if they are online friends, its all about our traits rubbing off on each other.

Go-to Gym Buddy

Celebrating the small wins, not just the big ones is highly important. These small wins add up and actually is where most sustainable progress is made. A good accountability partner is basically your built-in hype person, ready to high-five you for nailing a new exercise or sticking to your routine. Sharing those moments makes the journey more enjoyable, which motivates you to continue.

Next Steps

If you’re someone that needs that extra push, an accountability partner can be the difference between reaching your health and fitness goals or not. Change is tough, but with the right support, you can get where you want to be.

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