The above question is pretty simple to me anddd it is…whenever you have the energy to train and do a good performance🏋 is the BEST time to train…FOR YOU. It may even vary from day to day for you but thats all that matters. I get too many messages from people asking me what time […]

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💪🏾🤔How Important are GOOD GYM GENETICS?

Today we’re going to uplift ourselves. So no putting yourself down today 🙂 #happyvibesonly Everyone has one area of their body they are happy with, whether its you back or your chest or any certain muscle group you tend to naturally find easier to build muscle in that area. However, far too many people put […]

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Skinny Fat Routine Image


Firstly, the term skinny fat itself can be very confusing to many. From the name alone, a person may be unsure how can they be skinny AND fat at the same time! AM I SKINNY FAT? A very basic way to think of this is…if when wearing clothes the person appears slim/skinny…BUT without the clothes […]

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Why You SHOULD NOT Buy Set Meal Plans?

This week I’ve been going through my instagram DMs trying to catch up and I could see many people requesting me to send them some SET meal plans. Sooooo…let me give you some REAL advice here. NEVER purchase a ONE size fits all meal plan As it will be irrelevant to you and could even […]

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Gym Life Vs 9 to 5 Life!

For those of you that don’t know, I personally work 9 to 5 in an office 👨🏾‍💻…and one thing you’ll find out from working in a big office is…how many people absolutely DESPISE the gym 🚫 lol, they view it as almost a punishment or an unbearable chore. Do you hate the Gym? You’d be […]

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Avoid these 4 Mistakes That Make You LOOK Fat!

Often people assume they are gaining a lot of fat but in many cases, it can be that you appear that way due to being bloated. 1. Fizzy Drinks! Consuming a lot of fizzy drinks (even zero-calorie ones) can make you appear fat because your stomach is bloated with gasses… I call it the balloon […]

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