is getting a Sixpack Worth it?

The SIXPACK Dilemma❌

Many people when starting to work out 🏋🏽‍♂️ strive for a Sixpack, because they assume that’s the pinnacle of being healthy and in shape, which often isn’t the case

Excluding the small percentage of people that have great genetics 🧬 for Abs from birth😒lol

For many of us to maintain year round Sixpack Abs, it will require A LOT more daily discipline and potentially more sacrificing things than you may normally like to

For the casual lifter that simply wants to start being active, this may be more than you’ve bargained for😮

Getting in shape and being active can definitely be achieved and done so while eating balanced and enjoying the odd nights out🍾

But Aiming to be super lean or shredded is NOW a much bigger leap, especially depending on your personal starting point

You have to ask yourself are you willing to do the following most of the week

  • Eat in a lower calorie deficit than before
  • Make sure to do cardio most days
  • Weight Training 4-6 times per week
  • Watch what you eat daily a lot more
  • Increase overall daily expenditure
  • Drink less alcohol🍺
  • Eat less of the high cal snacks we love
  • cooking a lot of high protein meals

These are just some of the things I had to do to maintain the right picture

It requires a little more discipline to maintain that weight and leanness but it can be manageable for me😃…however it may be much for many of you reading especially if you’re a beginner or quite overweight ✅