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5 Fitness Tips for Easy Success

First off…CONGRATS on taking the first step to getting in shape! Researching and learning how to improve your body is vital part of starting a fitness journey and will hopefully allow you to skip making a few mistakes along the way. Many people often quit getting in shape because they feel as if they are […]

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How to Calculate Your Macros! Complete Free Guide

How to calculate your own macros step-by-step…without using an online calculator! I created FREE downloadable guide for calculating macros to help get you guy’s…and girls get started. Below is a brief summary of what the guide contains. The information I provide is clear, simple and to the point. It is aimed at beginners but is […]

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What is Skinny Fat and How Do I Lose It?

Skinny Fat – What is it? For those of you that are unsure what this is…skinny fat is a term that was coined to describe those that are not necessarily obese but hold a quite a bit of noticeable fat on a skinny frame. In even simpler terms, think of person appearing to be slim […]

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