Nutrition Mistakes That Make You LOOK Fat… (reduce bloating)

When in comes to your visual appearance there are often some things people do that contribute to you looking fatter. I want to share 4 things with you that will help you realise the few factors that can make you appear fat when your not actually fat!

1. Fizzy Drinks

If you drink a lot of fizzy drinks, due to the gases it can make you appear fat, purely because they bloat you up. This include drinks such as Monsters and other zero calorie energy type drinks – Yes they aren’t giving you calories but if you constantly drink these drinks they can continue to bloat you.

2. You DON’T… ‘Number 2’ Often

This maybe ‘too much information’ but it does contribute to your appearance! If you don’t have enough fibre in your diet, you won’t clear the waste in your body frequently enough. Many doctors recommend emptying your bowels at least twice a day but unsurprisingly there are a lot of people whom only go to the bathroom once every 2 or 3 days, which isn’t great. As you’re constantly filling your body with food each day, it get turns into waste – so if you’re not constantly getting rid of that waste, it will stay in your intestines/abdominal area which can make you  appear bloated/fat.

3. Carbs

*THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO EVERYBODY*  before claiming you’re carb sensitive, you need to really trial and error this or visit a medical professional!

There are some people out there who are carb sensitive, this can make them lethargic, bloated and suffer some abdominal pains. If you do fall into this category, try reducing your carb intake and possibly replace it for higher protein and see how you feel.

If after around a week or so and you notice no difference try looking at your overall diet again and re-evaluate – in the instance you do notice a difference such as feeling much better and your not carrying as much water weight or naturally just don’t feel as bloated.. you could possibly be sensitive to some form of carbohydrates.

Again, this isn’t the case for many people!

4. Water Intake

Finally, the last point I want to talk with you about is, water intake. If you fluctuate the amount of water you have each day (by a fair amount) it can make you feel and look bloated. Its weird to get your head around as you may think drinking more water would make you look bloated! However, if you consistently drink a decent amount of water such as half a gallon to a gallon of water a day (depending on your size) consistently your body will constantly make you ‘pee’. Thus regulating your body and disposing of the excess water that is in your body and naturally make you appear leaner. Also water can be an appetite suppressant, which is beneficial for those who tend to over eat when you shouldn’t.

Again water intake is person specific, try looking into your recommended water intake.

Pro Tip:

In regards to a water intake there are many things that can fluctuate, for example;

  • Sodium– takeaways, a lot of times you will see your weight spike up slightly by 2 – 4lbs in the space of a day – This isn’t body fat! Its water weight from the sodium, that was in your food. Also the type/amount of seasonings you put on your food, can also have this same effect – because seasonings have sodium in it. Over the next few days your body will regulate itself and go back to its normal weight.
  • Creatine – As this pulls in water into the muscles, constantly going on and off creatine can create a fluctuation in water weight.

Feel free to watch the video below for the more in detailed version.