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Firstly, the term skinny fat itself can be very confusing to many. From the name alone, a person may be unsure how can they be skinny AND fat at the same time! AM I SKINNY FAT? A very basic way to think of this is…if when wearing clothes the person appears slim/skinny…BUT without the clothes […]

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Avoid these 4 Mistakes That Make You LOOK Fat!

Often people assume they are gaining a lot of fat but in many cases, it can be that you appear that way due to being bloated. 1. Fizzy Drinks! Consuming a lot of fizzy drinks (even zero-calorie ones) can make you appear fat because your stomach is bloated with gasses… I call it the balloon […]

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5 Fitness Tips for Easy Success

First off…CONGRATS on taking the first step to getting in shape! Researching and learning how to improve your body is vital part of starting a fitness journey and will hopefully allow you to skip making a few mistakes along the way. Many people often quit getting in shape because they feel as if they are […]

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How to Start The Gym For The First Time

Starting the gym may seem intimidating to many of you that have never been before, so in this video I will cover everything you will need to know before arriving. Along with what you will need to bring with you. I will also teach you how to build muscle and maximise your time in the […]

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What is Skinny Fat and How Do I Lose It?

Skinny Fat – What is it? For those of you that are unsure what this is…skinny fat is a term that was coined to describe those that are not necessarily obese but hold a quite a bit of noticeable fat on a skinny frame. In even simpler terms, think of person appearing to be slim […]

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