How to Get Rid of Skinny Fat Body [6 Simple Tips]

How to Build Muscle and Kick the Skinny-Fat body to the Curb

Alright, let’s talk about fixing that skinny-fat body and build a body to improve your confidence when shirtless —this article is here to help break it down and get you on the path to a stronger fitter you. This is the main key steps my client followed to improve his physique and shrink down his belly fat.

Step 1: Embrace Strength Training

Forget the endless cardio for a bit and dive into strength training. You need to build up your frame so you need to hit the weights to add muscle on your body to make the fat look less prominent. Weighted exercises will work those muscles and give your body a more masculine and muscular frame.

Step 2: Push Yourself  A Little More In The Gym

Progress is your best friend. Make those weights heavier gradually over time. This is called progressive overload, and it keeps your muscles adapting and growing. Don’t aim to lift as heavy as the HULK on day one, just aim to gradually improve your strength.

A good tip is to log some of the main exercises such as the bench press or machine press just to check that you are lifting more overtime.

Step 3: Eat To Fuel Your Body To GROW

Time to upgrade your menu. You dont need to eat boring meals like plain Chicken, Broccoli and Rice but you need to Load up on lean proteins, complex carbs, and good fats (so basically not living off just pizza, chips and frozen oven meals).

Skip the processed junk and aim for a bit more calories than usual to help that muscle grow. By far improving your diet will make the biggest change, as even if you work out HARD… if your daily diet is poor, you will see very little results.

Step 4: Up That Daily Protein

Get your protein game UP! Shoot for 1.6 to 2.2 grams per kilo of body weight. So for example if you are 80kg then you’d aim to get in around 150g-175g of Protein per day. Protein shakes can be your quick fix for those busy days when you aren’t able to eat as much.

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Step 5: Keep An Eye On Your Calories

Balance is key. So monitor your calories to make sure you’re gaining muscle without packing on too much extra fluff. taking progress photos once every 2 weeks can help you visually keep track too, so you’re not solely focusing on the scale.

Step 6: Chill Out and Rest

DO NOT TRAIN EVERY SINGLE DAY. Your body needs a breather, and so do you. Prioritise sleep and throw in some rest days to let your muscles have time to recover and grow.

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