Stop Being Skinny Fat and Start Being Fit: 6 Reasons You’re STILL Not Seeing Results

Are you tired of putting in months, maybe even years of training, only to still feel “skinny fat”? I feel you!

In this blog post, we’re breaking down the 6 reasons why you may be struggling to achieve the physique you desire. Hopefully, these tips will get you back on track.


1.You’re following a routine which is too advanced for yourself

Kicking off with something short and sweet, as a beginner, you’re trying to follow a routine that is not suitable for you. You don’t need to be following a routine that fits someone who has the body of the gods or someone who is far off your realistic goal. Training three to four times a week and a routine that will allow you to train each muscle group at least twice a week would be something more suitable for you. Consistency and a routine that is catered to you will take you a long way.


2.You’re too Focused on Belly Fat

Very commonly, skinny-fat people tend to focus mainly on belly fat rather than thinking long haul and building your overall frame up. When you start focusing on belly fat alone, you start making the most common errors, such as undereating and doing loads more cardio than you should be. Take a step back and remember if your goal is to build more muscle and have a more aesthetic physique, you need to stop thinking about this one area of body fat and start thinking to build your overall frame up. As you build muscle, your frame will change, which means the fat deposits will start to look different and possibly distribute more evenly around your body.


3.Not Much or No Time Under Tension

This simply means you’re working out super quick, you’re going through your repetitions too fast! Make sure you slow down your exercises, give your muscles time to actually feel the tension you’re putting them under. Performing an exercise super quickly isn’t going to do anything for you as you’re using mostly momentum to move the weight. Slow it down and focus on the muscle you’re trying to work, controlling and contracting that muscle, and taking your time. You are creating time under tension – it may seem like a struggle, but you’re moving the weight nevertheless. You may find that once you start doing this, you may have to lower the weight slightly to control it better; this is completely normal. Remember allowing time under tension will give better results for muscle growth.


4.You Have a Bad Diet

This tip is fairly obvious but still a sticking point for most: you have a poor diet. Yes, calories are the main objective when it comes to gaining and losing weight; however, avoiding nutrient-dense foods such as fruits and vegetables is really naive. Simply, the more nutrients you eat, the more it helps your body get rid of the waste and toxins that build up, thus giving you a slimmer looking midsection. If you don’t know how to cook, LEARN how to!


5.You’re Not Training Consistently

Another super common fault many of us do is changing your workout routine way too frequently! This is not necessary in the slightest. I’d recommend sticking to ONE routine for a minimum of 12 weeks. Even after the 12 weeks, the routine doesn’t need changing drastically, as long as you have the main fundamental compound exercises in your routine, and you can up the weight or try switching out 1 or 2 exercises if you’re bored or, better yet, try changing the order of the routine or trying more time under tension.


6. You Track Nothing!

The final tip, and perhaps the most crucial one, is that you’re not tracking anything. Whether it’s your caloric intake, your workouts, or your progress, tracking is essential to achieving your fitness goals. Without tracking, you’re essentially guessing and relying on your memory, which can lead to inconsistencies and setbacks.

Start tracking everything, from the amount of calories you consume to the number of reps you perform in each exercise. Use a notebook, a smartphone app, or any other tracking tool that works for you. By doing so, you’ll have a clear understanding of what you’re doing right and what needs improvement. With this information, you can adjust your diet and workout routines accordingly and make steady progress towards your goals.


As always peeps! I hope this blog helped you in some kind of way and like always for more detail click on the link below!