4 Tips for Gym Beginners & People Who Aren’t Seeing Results!

Hey guys, here’s a few key tips for you gym beginners that are starting the gym or even if you are simply stuck and not seeing any progress.

1. Set a realistic goal you want to achieve!

Set some realistic goals, some long-term and some short-term so it can keep you motivated to stay in the gym.

2. Go FOOD Shopping!

Be sure to go out and buy your own foods and learn to prepare and cook them yourself. A key to having a good diet and actually seeing progress, is to not buy and eat processed foods from the store.

Buy fresh foods and you’ll be surprised how much it can make a difference!

3. Don’t QUIT and be consistent!

To attain progress…YOU HAVE TO BE CONSISTENT! No ifs or buts about it, consistency is the bread and butter of results in fitness. If you don’t go then you won’t see the results you would like.

4. Screw the SCALE!

Real progress takes place in the physical form. Use the mirror and progress photos to track your progress. Do not FIGHT the scale trying to lose weight. Take progress pictures.

Take you the photos at the same time of day and in a similar spot, so you can compare them more accurately! Once every two weeks if you are trying to gain muscle and once a week if you are aiming to lose fat.