4 Steps to Correctly Track your Fat Loss Progress!

✅ Physique Comparisons – Progress Photos!

You never know what you’ve built beneath, until you start chipping away🔥. People often obsess over the number on the weight scales but its better to track visual progress and not chase numbers.

Here’s two pictures around 5 months apart, with a similar pose so I thought it would be good to drop some tips on taking progress photos

1. Take multiple photos in various poses, so when comparing it makes it easier to monitor progress

2. Take them every two weeks. Once you get near 15% body fat, then you can go for once per week, same day and time. Preferably the morning

3. Don’t expect to see drastic changes every week

4. SAVE all these photos and label them with the date and weight. For example the left photo on my computer was named March-2019-181lbs. This is the most helpful tip for checking back on progress as the months and years go by