6 Reasons Why Your Belly Fat Won’t Budge

Discover the Real Reasons You’re Not Losing Belly Fat with These 6 Fitness Tips! Whether You’re a Man or Woman, Learn How to Improve Your Muscle to Fat Ratio and Target Stubborn Fat Areas for a Flatter Stomach Today!

1. Only Focused on Cardio!

Some of you value cardio much more than resistance training, especially those who are in the skinny-fat category. The reason for this is that you have a poor balance of fat to muscle on your body.

Focusing on cardio alone will help with weight loss, but it won’t necessarily improve your belly fat issue. It’s better to implement both cardio and weight training as this will improve the fat to muscle ratios mentioned above by adding more muscle to your frame and shaping your body better, which will help with the appearance of belly fat.

2. Spending ALL your time trying to ‘Spot Reduce’ Fat

Firstly I want to start off with if, your someone whose planning out their workouts thinking its going to burn fat in ONE particular area.. stop! For example, doing sit ups because you think its going to burn belly fat – this isn’t what happens, you cant spot reduce fat.

When you exercise you burn fat from all over your body, remaining in a calorie deficit from food and training you will see eventually as the body fat decreases the stubborn areas will start reducing last but will eventually over time go as well.

3. Are You Under Eating?

This may sound a little strange, as yes we know a calorie deficit is what we need to  see progress in fat/weight loss journeys.. however if you drastically drop your total calories down its going to do more harm than good. An example this is achievable by dropping your calories down by 700 – 1000 calories or excluding one a macro nutrient such as fats because you don’t want to have fats in your diet. This is the wrong way to look at fat loss, your body needs dietary fats for your body to function, it helps improve your hormones and other various aspects of your body also eating the right kinds of fats will keep you fuller for longer!

Being in a drastic deficit for a long period of time can affect your metabolism, your metabolism slows down and can result in you storing more body fat than it needs to. You’ll most likely find this when staying on a fad diet for too long, you will often hear someone say “after doing ‘x’ metabolism stopped or its not working as it used to” when in fact, your metabolism is working just fine, its actually doing what it needs to! In those type of situations your metabolism is meant to slow down to help you maintain the energy you once you had.


4. You’re a Bullsh*tter

This is probably the most important and most common issue for those of you who have sought out this type of blog! It’s super common among those who are constantly seeking quick results. If you’re the type of person who seeks out content about losing belly fat in one week or how to get in shape in two weeks, I say this with tough love – you’re chasing a fantasy.

Quick results will never give you proper, sustainable progress. You need to take the proper steps to get in shape, such as maintaining a good diet, exercising, and being patient. Searching for things like fat burners or constantly drinking apple cider vinegar thinking it will do most of the leg work for you is wrong. Please bear in mind, I’m not dismissing the fact that they do have some benefits, but they are incremental and only work if you put the work in yourself.

Unfortunately, the way they’re marketed, it captures the attention of people who think that all they need to do is take a fat burner or drink ACV first thing in the morning, and their body is just going to do the rest. If you read the bottles of these types of products carefully, they actually mention that the product, combined with a good diet and exercise, can aid in your progress. If you want to see results, hard work is what it takes!

5. Bloating

A quick tip to cover, you may not actually be fat you could potentially be bloated. A quick way to test if it actual bloating or fat is to assess how often you have a bowel movement in a day or week. For example if you’re someone who only passes a bowel movement once every 3 days, chances are its bloating, your body is holding onto a lot of waste and gasses that have built up day after day from eating and drinking. Ideally you should be going to the bathroom at least once per day

6. Chasing the Scales

What does “scale chasing” mean?

Scale chasing is when you only focus on getting a lower number on the scale and ignore the progress you are making in your body composition and overall appearance.

Why is scale chasing not recommended?

Chasing the number on the scale alone does not necessarily lead to a better-looking body. You could be losing weight, but if you don’t see any visual progress, you may not be satisfied and end up chasing the number again, leading to a cycle. It is better to focus on visual progress and overall body composition, rather than just a number on the scale.

How can you measure progress other than the scale?

You can measure progress by taking progress photos and comparing them to previous ones, by looking in the mirror, or by noticing how your clothes fit differently. These methods will help you track progress that cannot be measured by the scale.

What is the main takeaway from this advice?

The main takeaway is that you should value the visuals of your body over the number on the scale. Focusing solely on the scale number can lead to frustration and disappointment, while tracking visual progress can be a better motivator and help you stay on track towards your fitness goals.


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