Muscle-Building 101: When Should You Reach for Mass Gainers and Protein Shakes?

Before we get into this tip, I want to make it clear especially for newbies that if you can’t name 1 supplement and WHY you need it. You don’t need it! Make sure to do your research first before investing in any supplement.

So, When Do You Start Using Whey Protein?

Firstly, Whey Protein is only needed when you can’t hit/find it hard to hit your protein goals through whole foods, whether that’s financially or physically can’t eat anymore food. That’s when I’d advise to maybe look into having Whey Protein to bridge that gap. Other than this specific reason, you don’t need Whey Protein. Really look at the foods your already eating, if you’re already reaching high protein intakes you don’t need to take Whey Protein.


What about Mass Gainers?

Mass Gainers main purpose is to get calories in quick. Again, this is not needed, a lot of people, mainly newbies use them for the wrong reasons. Having Mass Gainer before attempting to eat more food is the wrong approach to your fitness goal! Mass Gainers have a purpose, if you’re having because you don’t want to make a meal… that’s called laziness. 

Again, unless you physically can’t stomach anymore real food, then yes maybe this approach is for you but really try to look into your current diet and think smarter in terms of how to get your calories in.

Supplements I Recommend

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