What is Skinny Fat and How Do I Lose It?

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Skinny Fat – What is it?

For those of you that are unsure what this is…skinny fat is a term that was coined to describe those that are not necessarily obese but hold a quite a bit of noticeable fat on a skinny frame. In even simpler terms, think of person appearing to be slim when seen with a t-shirt on with no sign of body fat. However, once the t-shirt is removed; you can see they have body fat around their waist and other hidden areas not seen while clothes are on.

What causes Skinny Fat?

This occurs when people have a disproportional bodyfat to muscle ratio, usually
due to having poor diet and/or little to no weight training.

How to get rid of a Skinny Fat physique?

To lose the skinny fat body type, you need to improve your muscle to body fat ratio. This is also known as body recomposition. By increasing the muscle mass on your body, this will create the appearance of broader shoulders and back (which will make your waist appear smaller in comparison).

Having more muscle on your body will also help you lose more body fat even when not exercising. As scientific studies show that, the more muscle a person has on their body the more their body can naturally burn fat.

What workout routine should I follow?

I believe a 4 day bodybuilding routine is perfect for beginners. You don’t need to kill yourself in the gym every single day! You just need to follow a structured routine and be consistent with it, then over time you will see progress.

I have a created a complete ‘how to lose skinny fat’ guide from my own personal experience. I cover how to improve your body frame and lose the skinny fat body type for good. A full skinny fat workout routine is also provided for you to follow.

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