Why You SHOULD NOT Buy Set Meal Plans?

NEVER purchase a ONE size fits all meal plan

As it will be irrelevant to you and could even potentially may consist of foods you absolutely hate or simply wont even be able to sustain!

If you ever purchase a meal plan, ensure it is SPECIFICALLY custom to you.

This means catered to YOUR daily calories and should include at least some foods you previously would eat here and there (purely so you enjoy and can sustain this way of eating), even if this just means a healthier alternative.

Buying a set meal plan…is a little naive because it’s most likely just a bunch of foods that the trainer may eat and assumes if another person eats it, they will see the same results. BUT…people are so different and can respond to foods/things in different ways.

If you’d like some rough ideas of decent foods to try add into your daily foods to help you see progress and results on your fitness journey…open up the internet and type in YouTube and search “meal prep” or “full day of eating” you will find MANY examples of foods you may like to incorporate into your daily meals and track how you feel and look once introducing these meals over the weeks.

Don’t be fooled by buying ANY random meal plan, put in a little time to learn about nutrition etc as it will be much more beneficial in the long run🙂  #TeachAManToFish 🐟🐠🦈🍽