5 Gym Tips for Beginners NOT seeing Results!

What to do when you are NOT seeing ANY Progress!

1. Set a short term and long term goal!

Having a short term and long term goal is crucial to your progress. Setting a short term goal will keep you motivated to continue as you will feel great achieving new goals ever few weeks (whether its strength or appearance based). This will spur you on and make you one step closer to achieving your long term fitness goals!

2. Take your progress pictures!

These will allow you to track your progress better than any scale would, after all we want to build a better appearance not simply reach a number on a scale. I suggest at the minimum once every 2 weeks. Be sure to stand in the same spot and take the photo in similar lighting to allow for a better comparison as the weeks go by.

3. Learn to Cook for yourself!

This sounds obvious but many people simply have their parents or spouse cook for them all the time. It may be better to see what goes into your meals so you know exactly what foods you consume and whether you can include better and more healthier alternatives where possible. Whole foods are KEY, try stay away from processed foods.

4. Be patient!

Sounds ironic given the title of the post but definitely be patient. When people are not patient with the progress, they often attempt to cut corners and try ‘rush/cheat’ which usually always leans to slower progress in the long run.

5. Be consistent!

A fitness journey is a long but rewarding road, be sure to try be as consistent as possible. Slip ups may occur but when that happens be sure to get back on track as soon as possible. No waiting to start next week, Start NOW!

These tips should help you get out of being stuck in a plateau.