What to do if I am Skinny Fat?

Skinny Fat Routine Image

Firstly, the term skinny fat itself can be very confusing. From the name alone, a person may be unsure how can they be skinny AND fat at the same time!

How do I know if I am Skinny Fat?

A very basic way to think of this is…if when wearing clothes the person appears slim/skinny…BUT without the clothes you can see they are high in body fat with very low muscle mass.

So in essence underneath the clothing, they look “chubby”. Something to note is that, men and women can both be skinny fat. In this blog post I’ll be covering the tips to address this!


A skinny fat body is typically caused due to these reasons below.

  • No resistance/weight training
  • Doing extreme amounts cardio with little muscle mass
  • General poor diet such as junk food, process foods and Takeaways
  • Finally, poor genetics, but typically it is the above (even those many will solely claim genetics)

Workout Plan for Skinny Fat People

Skinny fat people who want to build muscle and lose the excess body fat, will will need to start doing some sort of resistance training (for quicker results, I recommend weight training).

It is KEY that you don’t neglect resistance training because improving your muscle to fat ratio is how you beat the Skinny Fat Frame that goes for you ladies out there as well, you will not become “bulky”.

Also another great muscle building method is HIIT! High Intensity Interval Training is great for skinny fat people to purely because it burns a lot of calories while actively engaging your muscles.

My recommended workout routine

Below is a routine which includes a good amount of compound exercises which will rapidly improve your muscle to fat ratio. Also, many people forget…weight training also burns calories too. So, a intense workout session will have you building muscle and burning calories too.

Purchase the routine here!