💪🏾🤔How Important are GOOD GYM GENETICS?

Today we’re going to uplift ourselves. So no putting yourself down today 🙂 #happyvibesonly

Everyone has one area of their body they are happy with, whether its you back or your chest or any certain muscle group you tend to naturally find easier to build muscle in that area. However, far too many people put them selves down because they spend time swiping on instagram and comparing themselves to everyvody else they see. THIS IS NOT HEALTHY!

You should never dwell or over analyse another person, whether you feel you have great genetics or not you should only focus on your own progress. Your only task is to compete against the guy in the mirror and incrementally improve your own physique and crush your OWN personal goals! 💪🏾🙂👍🏾

My Personal Genetics?

For me, I would say my arms are my strong point as they tend to stay fairly lean even when I’m bulking with excess body fat.

My bonus bodypart would be my delts as before going the gym they where my weakest body part but after years of pushing them they are pretty decent especially from how they looked before I started the gym.