Fat Loss Advice For Overweight Men and Women!

1.Try as best YOU can, don’t be too heavily influenced by any other person’s fitness journey. Comparing yourself to others is the downfall of many 2. Find out how many calories you consume daily. Its a boring chore but it is extrememly easy and essential to know how much you eat daily, so you can […]

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KSI vs Logan Paul Fight

KSI vs Logan Paul will make youtube boxing HISTORY! Let’s cover our thoughts on how the fight will go along with predicting how many rounds and the Winner! Use the Code: ‘KSI’ for 50% off the training routine (which will make it £2) Click here to purchase the KSI Fat Loss Training Program. If you […]

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Black Travel Vlogs: Watch me Travel the World!

“Black People DON’T Travel” People often say travelling/backpacking around the world is just for white people…I’m looking to break that stereotype and share my travelling experiences! Feel free to check out some of my travel vlogs below. Over the past few years I have began wanting to travel more and experience more things in life. […]

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