Black Fitness Vlogs To Check out!

Looking for a new Black Fitness Vloggers?

Feel free to check out some of my fitness vlogs below.

I have been filming my fitness journey on YouTube for the past 6 years, so you can follow along and learn tips during your fitness journey. I cover food tips, gym advice and also vlogs from when I travel around the world from South America, Cancun and Europe.

More Gym Tips and Advice?

Be sure to check out more from my fitness channel if you need advice ‘Chillin With TJ‘!

My fitness youtube channel is filled with many full day of eating, meal prep and daily fitness videos, spanning over the last 5 years, showing how I have learnt to improve my body over the years. I also have many videos covering fitness tips that may help you out in and out of the gym.

Feel free to follow me on instagram account: @ChillinWithTJ