Black Travel Vlogs: Watch me Travel the World!

“Black People DON’T Travel”

People often say travelling/backpacking around the world is just for white people…I’m looking to break that stereotype and share my travelling experiences!

Feel free to check out some of my travel vlogs below.

Over the past few years I have began wanting to travel more and experience more things in life. Now I have decided to vlog and film some of these experiences so I can always have the memories to look back on. So you can follow along and see my journey as I travel around the world, trip after trip.
Some of the best places I have travelled to is; Machu Picchu, Mira flores and Jamaica.

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I also film Tips and Advice on fitness?

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My fitness youtube channel is filled with many full day of eating, meal prep and daily fitness videos, spanning over the last 5 years. I also have many videos covering fitness tips that may help you out in and out of the gym.