When to Fire Your Personal Trainer!

Personal training is becoming a huge professional due to climate become more health conscious. However you need to ensure you are paying for the best service possible because 1-1 training does not come cheap!

Here are 6 sure fire ways to tell if you should fire your personal trainer.

1. They do NOT Look the part!

A good personal trainer does not need to look the Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson…BUT the should at least look fairly in-shape especially in their specialist field.

I have been to many gyms during my fitness journey and I have seen dozens of PT’s that have qualifications in muscle building and weight loss management…but look like they have never trained a day in their life! As I mention above they do not need look like an action hero but it’s hard to take a person serious if they claim they can help you get fit and lose weight if they themselves are overweight, right?

So I would recommend you do not simple hire someone because they have the qualifications, be sure they can at least live up to them. If not visually themselves, then by their previous client results.

2. More buddy then Coach!

This is a key one here, as I remember having many friends in the past (not sure if this matters but they where mainly female) in any case they would hire a fitness coach but become too friendly to the point, there wasn’t much actual training but much more general chit chat.

I would tell them repeatedly to remember if you are paying for a service be sure to get the most out of it or simply fire them and become friends off the clock! Of the 12 instances that come to mind, I remember the majority not wanting to fire their trainer because they had become close friends and did not want to have that awkward encounter…this is NOT a thought that should even be considered. You are technically in a business relationship, if their actual service is lacking then you should cut ties, you are there to make a change in your life not simply become ‘gym buddies’.

3. The treadmill!

This is vital, if you are paying for a personal trainers time they should not be using up the time by sticking you on a cardio machine for long periods of time (unless your goal is cardio related).

For example even things such as warm ups and cool downs can be scheduled out side of your paid sessions. For example a good trainer will tell you…if your session is to start at 1pm, then simply arrive 5 minutes prior to warm up on a bike/stepper/treadmill so you can maximise your actual paid for time.

I have seen far too many trainers in my day, sit back and watch their client on the treadmill for 10 minutes and more during a session. Remember this key fact…if you can do it by yourself, then you most likely do not need to be paying for it.

4. Fails to Motivate you!

This one is pretty clear but even if you have a would class trainer on paper. However if for some reason he can not reach and inspire/motivate you to work harder and get the most out of your sessions, then you may need to let them go or…it may be that you personally need to get in the right head space and be more willing to make a change.

In regards to the trainer, they should be energetic and upbeat and at the very least seem as if they care if you actually succeed in reaching your goal.

5. No Plan!

Another simple one but if your trainer comes to sessions and doesn’t seem to have planned ahead of time what routine you’ll be doing on the day then they simply do NOT care. A trainer should not be winging it with paying clients.

6. Doesn’t Track!

Finally, if your trainer does not keep track of your progress from week to week then they are most likely not invested in you. They should be tracking your progress to see where you have improved so they can up the tempo if needs be or simply for motivation to show you how far you have gotten.

*I do recommend you also taking note of your progress too but as this is a paid service, your trainer should definitely be as apart of their service.