4 Day Training Routine


The Upper/Lower Body Workout Plan

This 4 Day Training Routine is a great for those looking to start to get in shape and improve their body composition by building muscle and lose body fat. This split follows a Upper/Lower workout Routine. If you would like a personalised training routine, purchase one of my custom workout plans.

Let the gains commence!

Please note: Upon purchasing this package, you will be forwarded to a page with a download link for the routine.


The Upper/Lower Body Workout Plan

This 4 Day Training Routine is a great for those looking to start to get in shape and improve their body composition by building muscle and lose body fat. This split follows a Upper/Lower Workout Routine.

If you choose to follow this routine, please ensure you have researched into performing the exercises correctly and safely.

If you would like an in-depth guide to learn how to build muscle and lose fat, purchase the ‘Complete Training Guide eBook‘.

Training Plan – Frequently Asked Questions

There is no single best workout routine for everyone. It comes down to how often you can manage to train per week and sustain it e.g. if you can only afford to consistently train 4 day per week, there would be no point opting for a 5 day training plan. Training Split examples:
The routines includes the sets, reps and rest time between each exercises. If you would like custom training plans click here
Whenever you have time and the energy to train with a good performance is what matters the most.
Ps..also if possible train at a similar time each training day, as the human body likes homeostasis e.g. your body get used to training at this time if done consistently.
Light cardio is fine as a warm up but for your main cardio (lasting over 10 minutes), I would recommend performing it after your main workout. Doing it beforehand would impact your performance in your training sessions
For a beginner 3-4 day routines are fine and will produce results. At this stage more doesn't mean MORE muscle gains. For intermediate lifters (consistent training over 2 years) 4-6 days is enough to see progress along with a high protein diet.
These training plans include machines you find in a Gym. Click here for home workouts

Some words from recent clients


Matt Personalised Training Plan

My fitness levels and body image was in the gutter and I was at rock bottom and needed a change.

Now I already feel stronger even though its only been a few weeks. I also have noticed my posture has improved quite a lot which is the most significant change so far. I didn't expect to see changes so soon tbh.

The training plan was easy for a total novice like me to understand, he sent me free nutrition info, and it is a simple plan to follow for people overwhelmed by the gym. TJ has also responded to all my questions fast which has been really helpful and kind, and hes not made me feel like an idiot for being clueless


Naod 12 Week Coaching Program

I’ve had a different online coach before, which never went well but Tj really exceeded my expectations. I was stuck at a point and felt that I needed extra assistance to hopefully start seeing more changes in my body. So, I am very happy with my progress, my original goal was to lose fat while putting on muscle. Which I achieved throughout these 12 weeks with the help of TJ. I feel much leaner and stronger, and overall happy with the growth and progress.

Overall, I was extremely satisfied with TJ’s service. He really cares about his clients and responds quickly to any questions you might have. He really assesses your progress weekly and makes changes based off of that, he doesn’t just give you a random workout plan and diet, I was able to eat foods I enjoy by making most of them myself at home.


Chloe Personalised Training Plan

The programme is working wonders, I’m feeling the strongest I’ve ever been, I struggled with press ups before and I couldn’t get past 5 but I can now do the 17 that’s required. I also feel the fittest I’ve been as I can also do the other navy tests, I can easily do 32 sit ups and my cardio has improved loads I can do the 1.5 mile run in 11 minutes 30 and the pass time is 14 minutes 25 seconds.

Thank you so much for helping my TJ, I really do appreciate it as you’re helping me get my dream job.


Rob 16 Week Coaching Program

Looking at my starting picture from 16 weeks ago, I wouldn't of believed I would make progress like this and your plan was great, it never made me feel bad and we saw progress each week.

I'm very satisfied - had a few online coaches before who were either strict on diet or barked when you went not according to their plan, TJ was great and non-restrictive and worked to lifestyle as well as obstacles which occurred during the process.


Rahul 16 Week Coaching Program

I always wanted to change and improve my physique but no matter how many times I tried, I didn't see results.

TJ has 100000% changed my life for the better. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to improve themselves - especially if they struggled like myself. Though my physique has improved a lot, the real progress has been my mental strength and having self belief. This was changed by TJ's truthful bluntness which gave me the confidence to keep staying on track + push for higher weights/reps. Thus, improving my physique.

I also appreciated that TJ didn't ever tell me I need to completely cut out xyz food. Especially when I come from an ethnic background where there's traditional food at my yard often. Instead, practised moderation and making these foods with lower calories by switching out ingredients (mainly oil to spray oil and air fryer).

Now, I'm in the best condition I've ever been in my life- both mentally and physically. The difference in the feeling I have when I look in the mirror , now compared to a few months ago. I can't put it into words.


Martin 8 Week Coaching Program

Dude you gave me a chance when I was rock bottom, doctors recommended I lose weight to help my chances to have kids, and this has helped me get closer.

And I believe you saved me from getting in a bad way in life in general by helping me along on my weight loss journey.. Yeah I still have good days and bad with food. But I believe I’m winning now!

Thanks again for everything man. Them man boobs and belly be disappearing man! 🔥😊


Jake 12 Week Coaching Program

Thank you so much! I've been enjoying the coaching and I find it much more sustainable than the last coach I had. I've managed to increase my calories and still make progress!! I'm happy with how its going and I feel I will be able to maintain this plan myself past the 12 weeks. Thanks again 🙂


James Personalised Training Plan

Thanks a lot, the routine looks great. I can't wait to start, thanks for getting it to me so quickly. You've given me some great ideas for training at home.


Adheel Personalised Training Plan

Thanks for getting this to me so swiftly. The workout plan looks great, thanks for extra bits of help on what foods to eat and how to track my calories. Thanks for this TJ

Let the gains commence!

Good luck with the program and be sure to keep me updated on your progress via instagram/snapchat/youtube at @ChillinWithTJ

Please note: Upon purchasing this package, you will be forwarded to a page with a download link for the routine.

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