7 Black Women Trainers To Follow For Fitness Inspiration & Empowerment!

If you’re looking for some extra fitness motivation or workouts to get in shape from women that look more like you 😉 check out these underrated black fitness female trainers on instagram.

1. Edwina Wehjla

Instagram: @iam_edwina_wehjla

2. Nekisha Taneil

Instagram: @nikki_c_lavie

3. Qiqi

Instagram: @theqii_tofitness

4. Ajahzi Gardner

Instagram: @Ajahzi Gardner

5. BrittneBabe

Instagram: @BrittneBabe

6. Alyneah

Instagram: @Alyneah

7. Jenna Deleon

Instagram: @Jenna.Deleon

Hopefully, these girls will help inspire you to get active and love yourself.

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