6 Tips for Hardgainers to Build muscle… *BAD Genetics*

These tips are for people with Bad Genetics aka hardgainers to Build muscle.

  1. Do not give up HOPE.
    Many just give up before they start which is dumb. Just know no matter how poor a starting position you have… you can improve
  2. If you’re starting from a hardgainer perspective…
    You may need to spend more time in a sustained LEAN BULK! (At least 9 months, personally I’d recommend a year). Forget the maingaining philosophy, for underweight people looking to build a decent level of muscle, the best and efficient way would be a gradual calorie deficit, eating a high protein diet with a well structure weight training routine.
    Muscle building takes time, so small mini bulking phases won’t be as effective longterm.
    So Track your calories and protein intake. DO NOT GUESS!
  3. You need to be more optimal with your training and overall consistency,
    it doesn’t mean you need to train 7 days a week but for example you may find you need to train at least 4-5 times per week, to match the progress of a friend that can get away with training 3 days per week much sees more progress. I may sound unfair but unfortunate but that’s LIFE. We have to deal with the cards we are delt.
  4. Progressively track your workouts
    at least the main compounds so you can see how your gym performance is improving over time. Also track your physique via progress photos every 2-3 weeks.
  5. Before labelling yourself a TRUE hardgainer with poor genetics…
    at least follow the previous step of consistently training and eating well for at least a year and see the personal progress you’ve made, without comparing yourself to friends or others on line. Compare to yourself.
  6. Try reduce the amount of SUPER unrealistic physiques you follow on social media
    whether they are enhanced or NOT, purely because you may THINK its motivating you but longterm, it may skew your reality of what natural physiques can be achieved for most, especially if you are truly hardgainer.