The Rise of SARMS: A New Generation of Muscle Building

If you are curious about the latest trend in the fitness world? You might of heard the buzz about SARMs, the new player in the performance-enhancing game. It’s becoming increasingly popular, and you might be wondering why. So, let’s talk about the rise of SARMs!

What are SARMS?

SARMS are drugs that selectively target androgen receptors in the body (like anabolic steroids do, but with potentially less of the side effects).

They were initially developed to treat muscle-wasting diseases but have become popular among athletes and bodybuilders for their potential to increase muscle mass and strength.

Why are they gaining popularity?

  • SARMS easily available online – it is actually legal in many countries unlike steroids
  • Cheaper than typical steroids
  • Attractive to athletes and bodybuilders for similar benefits to anabolic steroids
  • Social pressure for teenage males to look more muscular has driven many teens to purchase these online

Are SARMS safe?

While SARMS claim to have fewer side effects than traditional steroids, they’re NOT safe and without risk.

  • SARMS linked to liver damage, kidney damage, heart attack, and stroke
  • Not approved by the FDA for human consumption (can’t be used in sports)
  • Limited research on long-term effects – Basically unknown
  • Risks of liver damage and gynecomastia (gyno)

SARMs Overview

  • SARMS are a new type of performance-enhancing drugs (virtually steroids)
  • They’re popular among athletes and bodybuilders (also teens unfortunately)
  • SARMS may offer some advantages over traditional steroids
  • No performance-enhancing drug is 100% safe for use #stayNatty