Here are some of my client transformations using the personal training services I provide. These have all been achieved by analysing each persons daily eating habits, day-to-day activity level and overall training experience to develop a customised plan of action that individually suits them. I don’t believe in just assigning people ‘set meal plans’ because the aim is for you to learn how to eat better, learn portion sizes and develop a balanced approach to eating, because nobody wants to give up all the foods they love forever. This is why I teach moderation and how to prepare lower calorie versions of the foods you love at home that will help you get in shape without feeling like you’re missing out on your favourite foods.


Sajoran 16 Week Coaching Program

I've always wanted to lose some fat and look more muscular but I struggled with sugar cravings and consistently making proper meals but through the coaching TJ gave, I've definitely improved and learnt alot, I'm more mentally and physically stronger now and most of all i've made good progress.
I'd recommend TJ's coaching for anyone that wants to make a change



Looking at my starting picture from 16 weeks ago, I wouldn't of believed I would make progress like this and your plan was great, it never made me feel bad and we saw progress each week. I'm very satisfied - had a few online coaches before who were either strict on diet or barked when you went not according to their plan, TJ was great and non-restrictive and worked to lifestyle as well as obstacles which occurred during the process.


Rahul 12 Week Coaching Program

I've 100% learnt a lot. Thank you so much for this opportunity for real. Changed my life around and how I view health/fitness. I never would have thought I could improve my body while still mixing in a lot of the foods I enjoy by just making lower calorie versions at home. The homemade bagel pizzas are a huge winner for me.

Thanks again, will keep you updated!


Z.G 12 Week Coaching Program

I am 100% satisfied as I made progress physically and mentally while enjoying the foods I ate. It didn't even feel like I was on a diet or anything which made it easy to stick to and enjoyable. So, I am happy with the progress as not only did I lose bodyfat I gained muscle, strength and confidence plus I learned a lot about myself.


Martin 8 Week Coaching Program

I started because I was told I needed to start to lose weight to begin starting a family. I've always enjoyed doing cardio like biking but was lost when when it came to free weights and how to eat. The biggest help was learning how to improve my diet by learning to cook and eat real meals rather than snacking most the day. I've lost over 15lbs so far, this was a great jump start, as I now know how to move forward and continue to lose weight gradually and safely. Thanks a lot man


P.S 4 Weeks Comparison

I want to say a massive thank you for supporting me and giving me guidance on training and nutrition! I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my body and energy levels since starting with you!