Coaching Starter Tasks

Please read over the below while I look over and begin to create your fitness plan.

Download MyfitnessPal

  • Begin tracking your current calories (food and drinks) just so I know your current calories (do not change your eating habits).
  • How to use myfitnesspal
  • Please complete this step, as I will email and request this information because it is the foundation. DO NOT use a online calculator

Download the Free Dropbox App

  • This is what we will use for weekly check-ins via a spreadsheet to monitor progress also with where you will upload your progress photos

Take a Starter photos

  • Same spot in the morning with good lighting
  • Relaxed: Front, Side and Back (include legs)
  • Flexed: Double Bicep Front and Double Bicep pose from the Back
(please have your camera positioned at around chest level)

Example Posing Guideline

What else will you need?

  • A digital scale to track your body weight
  • A digital food scale to track your some of your portions

Other recommendations

If possible, if you don’t already own one, I would invest in a FitBit or some form of wrist step tracker.