Coaching Questionnaire

Hey, thanks for purchasing my coaching package.

Please answer the below questions as best you can, so we can begin making progress.
The more detailed you are the more personalised and focused I can make the plan for you.
You must be over 18 to start this program.
Please state whether this is kg or lbs?
On average over the past 30 days
Can be a quick overview
Please choose an amount you believe you will be able to sustain
If you've choose 45 minutes or less please expand on this in the details box at the end of the form.
If you train at home, please list all the equipment and weights you have below.
e.g. sport, daily walks or runs etc.
E.g. small muscle groups or cardiovascular fitness level
Where possible, I'll try implement these into your training plan
If no, please look into getting one. It doesn't need to be expensive just a basic step counter will do.
If so, please type the calorie number above
e.g. fish, chicken, beef, turkey, eggs etc.
e.g. chicken, turkey, fish, beef etc.
e.g. meals you currently love eating multiple times per week
Real homemade foods e.g. not oven made frozen/processed foods
e.g. student, office job, builder, sports athlete etc.
e.g. less stress, better sleep, feel confident, be stronger and/or lose weight
e.g. short on time, making little progress in the gym, nutrition, motivation or maybe not sure what to do etc.
e.g. extra accountability, tough love at times or just someone to ask advice when stuck
E.g. In regards to you adhering to the coaching, as some may like a nigger push than others to stay on track
Where possible, we will try make sure you still get to enjoy these in a way you will still able to make progress.
Just so I have an idea of times we can expect to get in contact with each other.